Capering on the isle of Capri

Most people go to the isle of Capri from Sorrento by boat which takes about 20 min . But one can go from Positano or Amalfi as well. We had originally planned to do so when we were in Sorrento , but those 2 days  weather was so rough and the sea very choppy , no boat trips were operating. So we went to Pompeii instead and climbed the Vesuvius on a cold windy day, but thats another story in itself .

Everything happens for the best. We waited for the weather to get better and went to Capri from Positano in a private boat.


Although the time taken is longer , the views of the rugged limestone Amalfi coast and its cliffs , rock formations, caves and grottos while cruising on the water were so amazing that it made this trip unforgettable  and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way !


Dr Reshma J Palep

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