Why Me Time?

Forget the laundry,  go paint your nails, 
switch off the alarm & wake up late ; read a book, take a nap; and for a few moments, give a break to all crap! 
Sit by a brook and listen to the breeze, for some time, lady, let the daily chores all freeze !”  
Carve out some moments to unleash and travel; to the beaches, under the blue canopy and endless horizons;  as the chirping birds and shimmering sunshine soothe your aching soul; soak in the beauty the twilight & star studded sky holds !” 
Engage in this therapy called ME TIME occasionally, let your hair down , sit with a glass of wine & you are sure to bounce back and be just fine !
This picture not only spoke volumes but also subtly reminded me of some lost times, silenced with the urban clamor & outcries. It was literally like this articulate thought, I could relate to instantly ; it distinctly defined  and added that coherent meaning to the otherwise m !
Yes, our very own ME TIME,  something we all dream of, but which has apparently & silently, got crumpled under the burden of the hurrying and scurrying ;  and the disorderly haste we are all caught into. And subsequently, it never gives us a chance to even iron out the creases on it.  We have somehow not only lost track of its whereabouts, but the endless list of the “to-do’s” never seem to give us a breather. It is sad & distressing to even imagine how the simmering rage of the palpable chemistry that we once shared with the ME TIME,  bridled away just like that !
Though the deplorable truth is , that no matter how hard you resist, the clattering of the chores and the complexities of daily life may never actually leave your back, but how well you learn to carve out these special moments that belong to just YOU,  is what defines you; what helps you re-discover the lost YOU!
In the tumultuous riot of school excursions of kids and the swirling business trips of the husband, we have almost buried our desires to travel with the company of just our soul…we hardly remember how it felt to take a stroll all by ourselves, without having to worry about the bills and groceries …
But then, we are here for you, to help you unbury & unwrap those lost dreams tucked away cozily somewhere… we are here to remind you of a few small things which brought your immense happiness once upon a time !
“There are some walks you need to take all by yourself, to clear your head and to prune down certain things; you need to get away from places and people occasionally, to calm your restless mind & silence your irrational thoughts; and by expecting this time of yours, it absolutely does not show any imperfection or flaw; but merely and simply  implies, that you are ready for the soul cleansing therapy, by making space for everything beautiful, ready to enter your life … it is like a new window you are creating for yourself, every once in a while. So wake up, and shake the guilt, and rejoice as you watch it fragmenting into tiny pieces;  live the life of today, with gusto; let the dreams fly; stop being a part of the appalling and frightful RAT RACE, which never seems to have a finish line.. step back from technology, and stay away from the interminable self defeating & pointless pursuits of momentary happiness; release yourself from the urban trap & fall in love with the distractions all around you, in the music of the birds, leaves, the winds and mountains!
It is high time we remind ourselves the importance of ME TIME, which teaches us to live life, not by the ticking clock but by the magical  “compass” ! Wake up to the chirping birds and not alarm clocks, soak in the sunshine, as it sprinkles golden dust on your face; let the blue oceans whisk your worries away; let the soft sands tickle your feet; watch as the rivulets pave their way through the lushness and the wispy clouds adorn the velvety blue skies … walk in the narrow winding streets and mysterious stairways, explore and relive the lost history; saunter through the woods and take paths less taken, leave a sprinkle & something good behind…
Take a breather lady, and breathe in the beatitude travel has to offer ! We can always make more  money; but we sure cannot make any more time than what we are assigned… if we have to feel the vibes each place has in store for us, we need to get away from our sedentary life & unleash the adventurous side of ours; we ought to make MEE TIME a priority, so we not only read about exotic places, but actually travel to them , to get imbued by its strikingly unusual and strange beauty!
Travel changes you ; and you come back feeling accomplished in ways you can imagine; you are definitely not the person you used to be , because you are a little bit of every place visited and every person met !
Defy rules and mess up plans, ignore logistics, all the odds and complications you may find; listen to your inner voice and your instincts, they take you exactly where you need to be; just follow your heart and go for it ;
Fancy yourself with the precious ME TIME, after all, as they say, the best view always comes after a hard climb and those are the few moments when you find yourself drenched and flooded with Euphoria!
Venture out with some ME TIME and enjoy the vibrations in the wind’s eye !
Vrushali Lambe

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