Fascinating Florence

Uffizi Museum

A holiday to Italy must include a visit to the city of Florence. It is really a journey down many such old cobblestone alleys to fascinating places in this city! A city for art lovers and more.Everyone has already told you about the truly magnificent Duomo and the Uffizi museum, lessons rich in architecture and art,when you started planning your Italy tour.

Let’s discover what else this city has to offer that could be truly special …..

Magical carousel

Magical Carousel

“There is a little girl inside every woman, you can find her if you try…its right there in her eye “.

Such an apt poem by Steve Eng. One look at this magical antique carousel of the Picci family in Piazza della Republica and that little princess in you will want to jump onto one of the horses or gilded king’s carriage and go round and round on it.Why not? Isn’t that why wander the world, so that no one can stop us from doing just what our heart desires?

Bartolucci, a family of artisans


This woodwork store really makes you want to within you will be jump with joy …butterflies, fairies, rabbits..it feels like Alice in Wonderland.

A family run a business on Via della Condotta, making these handcrafted wooden toys, they have stores now all over Italy and the rest of Europe too. Hard to tear yourself away! Don’t leave without a souvenir ( I have 3 one from each of my visits to Italy), especially their signature wooden toy  Pinnochio.

Admire more artisans in Florence’s Artisan quarter

Relive a bygone era as these artisans, richly influenced by the Renaissance period, even today can give you the experience of the traditional crafts.

Oltrarno has a little maze of lesser-known secrets in these workshops on medevial streets from via Maggio to Piazza Pitti. You will find hidden gems of quaint studios of violin makers, bookbinding, sculptors and wrought ironworks in different forms as you go meandering down the alleys.All over Italy you will find such quaint places to visit. We should know..we spent almost a year living here in a little town called Grosseto in Tuscany.

Florence’s Artisan Quarter

Ponte Vecchio

The Gold market on a medivial stone bridge across the river Arno is something special. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s certainly worth looking at all the glittering shops that have been there since 1593 ! You get the best view from there and a tryst with history and local culture near the bridge!

Ponte Vecchio

After sunset it transforms in to an hip party zone, with live music on the streets ! Its always party time in Italy !

Devil Wears Prada, so do Angels like Men!

Devil Wears Prada

Not everything that’s beautiful in Florence is traditional. They have the best designer outlet malls where you can strike good bargain on designer shopping. There is lots of street shopping tootraipsing down the old alleys, so you can indulge in all these delightful experiences to your hearts’ content !

Italy tour packages from Mumbai

Walking is great exercise too, so don’t think twice! There is lots of scrumptious Italian food to gorge on just around the corner as well….but that’s another blog in itself !

A tour of Italy is definitely  what the doctor ordered for you!


Photo credit : Neha Pallod Limaye

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