Lovely ladies in Lisbon!

Lovely ladies in Lisbon!
So many amazing places in Europe? Which should be my next destination for a girlie getaway was the
idea I was toying with for a long time. A true Goan by birth and at heart, I grew up with so much
Portuguese influence in my childhood. So Lisbon was our choice and it certainly turned out to be a great
place for a women only holiday!
#rossio square pic

Rossio square is the heart of all the hustle and bustle in this city and that's the place to start the day
with a little shot of Ginjinha or Portuguese Cherry liqueur that you just cannot miss! A Ginjinha bar is the
traditional home of the drink that originated as a digestive and is run by a charming fourth generation
Portuguese family.

Speaking of charming men, everywhere we went in Lisbon we were greeted by forever smiling (and
slightly balding) men who really can make ladies feel special. Cafe Nicola is one such cozy cafe at the
square where we could just relax, basking in the morning sun, have a coffee and watch the world go by.
Grab some precious Mee Time when we can !
# photo Nicola

At 1030 am, we had to meet our guide for a Walking tour of the old Town of Alabama. A whole lot of
steps to walk for sure, but the whole place exudes such an eclectic arty atmosphere, it's well worth it !
Brilliant graffiti on the walls depicting fado-singing women and and flavors of the local life…
The typical blue Ajulejo tiles adorning walls of the old buildings created an outdoor gallery of with pretty
patterns. An unfailing charm of yesteryears surrounded us as we walked around. Many of them showed
Jesus and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, and had stories to tell!

Trams rides are certainly not to be to be missed on a tour of Europe. Lisbon has delightful trams dating
from the 1930 as an integral part of the public transport network. Tram route 28 in the historic tram we
took taking to Praca de Figuera from where we hopped on to a modern tram to Belem in pursuit of the
#pic tram
Pesteis de Belem? What are they? The blue iconic Cafe that sells these delectable sweets and savories is
a epic story in itself. One bite and they will make you come back for more!

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