Foodie Trail in Berlin

Food is my passion and “Eat to live or live to eat ?” is a rhetorical question as far as I am concerned !On all my trips, especially to Europe, I have always seeked all the unique places to eat, especially down a small alley.So join me on yet another Foodie Trail of Berlin and discover more….

My recommendations:

  • Currywurst – This is the absolute irreplaceable favourite street food of a true-blooded German. It’s no secret that Germans love their sausages, and curry wurst is one of the best ways to sample them! It is basically cut-up sausages that are covered in a spicy tomato sauce and served with French fries..what’s not to love? And only sets you back about 5 Euros! And yes, an important tip here – in Europe you eat your fries with MAYONNAISE


  • Doner kebap – Berlin has the second largest Turkish colony in the world, outside of Turkey itself. This has brought about a widespread love for Turkish food, which you will easily find all over in city in stalls on the streets and in the subway stations. Doner kebaps are rotisserie meat (beef or chicken) stuffed with fresh cut vegetables and your choice of sauce in a pita pocket and is absolutely delicious and bursting with flavour. Though there are other options in these outlets as well, they basically revolve around the same few ingredients. The food is cheap and sets you back about 3-5 Euros and makes for a great bite to grab to soak up some of the booze after a night out 😛Doner Kebap
  • Anything from local bakeries –Germans take their bread seriously and like everywhere in Europe, you will find over 200 types of bread that you can find to gorge on. Along with bread, Germans bakeries are heaven itself, with no shortage of variety of baked goods to choose from. The portions are MASSIVE and the prices low! There are bakeries every few steps no matter where you wander in Germany with a plethora of choices and everything is made fresh daily. This is the best go-to snacking option. Ask for the bakery’s specialty if you are confused and they will guide you best!

Local Bakery FoodEurope Bakery Food

  • Burgermeister – This particular outlet deserves its own category here in the food section and for good reason! This is an absolute DO NOT MISS point for me in Berlin if you are a burger connoisseur and love a good cheeseburger! Burgermeister is a small burger place located at the Schlesiches Tor subway station in Berlin and (this is interesting!) was a public urinal in its former days! Today it is an absolute slice of heaven for anyone craving a quality cheeseburger and is always crowded. This isn’t one of your fancier joints so you will have to stand and enjoy your food at the small tables or sit on the “stools” which are really just re-purposed soda crates. My personal recommendation is the Meisterburger with some cheese fries and a cold pint of beer. The cost of all this? In total about 7 Euros! So head to Berlin on our Europe tours for some great food and a real fun times ! 





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