Senorita In Spain


SPAIN, the vibrant country of Senoritas, Tapas and Flamenco dances is an ideal destination for women only trips!

Seville, Granada and Madrid and the three main towns of Western Spain for you to really enjoy the essence of the country.


It’s called the sexiest of all the Spanish cities, and even after you have left, the memories linger on they say of this vibrant Andalusian city. Especially if you are lucky to visit during the festivals like we did, Feria de Abril, be prepared for an amazing time.

Plaza de España

The grand plaza was built in 1929 for the Ibero-american Exhibition which was held in Seville by Aníbal González. He has created an impressive blend of a style that owes its inspiration to the Renaissance along with with some characteristic elements from the city. Intricately painted ceramic benches are arranged in a semicircular manner, each one representing a province in Spain and depicting the lifestyle.During the Feria, lovely ladies in their flamenco dresses strike a pose here !


This fortress housed many Muslim and Christian royalties in the past and is now famous as a Game of Thrones Season 5 location for the Water Gardens of Dorne.This grand monument and its gardens are far more captivating in real life than seen on screen. Take a leisurely walk through the Moorish-style horseshoe arches in the Salon de Embajadores and the immaculate gardens around and be mesmerized.


A tour of Europe, especially to Spain is incomplete without witnessing the grand Alhambra. It is so named because in Arabic al-qala’a al-hamra means the Red Castle. Initially a Moorish palace, it was later turned into a fortress-palace complex. During the Christian reconquest, the church was built in place of the Alhambra’s mosque and so like many monuments in Andalucia, it truly is an architectural marvel of Moorish and Christian influences.

Gardens of Alhambra

The perfectly manicured Generalife gardens around the palace, against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains are a real pleasure to stroll through and admire the beautiful flora and fauna here and take all those million selfies to your hearts’ content.




There was just a half a day left for Madrid as we had to catch out flight back the same evening. But we didn’t miss the important places at all …..


The best place for Churros in Madrid is Chocolatería San Ginés serving chocolate con churros (hot chocolate and churros) since 1894!! And the massive queues outside just to get a table, speak for how yummy they must be.

Its tucked away in a small alley near San Ginés church, close to the popular Puerta del Sol and not so difficult to find if you make sure it’s on your agenda! One bite of those crispy hot churros to dunk in hot chocolate or coffee and you will be coming back here for more.

Plaza Mayor

The main square in Madrid that’s adorned with charming Baroque architecture, tapas bars and stylish boutiques is your place to rest your feet for some quality time ! Have a drink, some tapas and relax in this square and enjoy the great ambience. If you are looking for some more action then head to Puerta del Sol, the physical and emotional heart of the city

Palacio Real

The majestic Palacio Real is the last stop on our walking tour of Madrid. The interiors are breathtaking, with the most elaborately decorated walls and ceilings you can imagine!

Time to say “Adios” and head back home !




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