Foodie Trail in Ladakh

For a lover of the outdoors and admirer of nature, a trip to Ladakh is akin to a path to divinity! If on this journey your palate is tickled with traditional and authentic Ladakhi and Tibetan food, it’s definitely the road to Nirvana !!!

Maggie Noodles And Momos Maggie Noodles

Rajma chawal is replaced by Maggie noodles, momos and thukpas at the local dhabas as you ascend towards Leh.But 60km from Leh, in Alchi village, near the 11th century Alchi monastery is where we found real authentic Ladakhi food on our Ladakh tour package from Mumbai at the Alchi Kitchen Restaurant.

Alchi Kitchen Restaurant

This is a quaint family run restaurant that serves freshly prepared dishes.Its fairly popular and we had really worked up an appetite by the time the food arrived.

Vegetable Stew With Barley Pasta And Lentils Chuttagi

The tasty skyu and chuttagi (vegetable stew with barley pasta and lentils )was wolfed down in minutes.

Khambhir Open Kitchen Ladakh

They have a traditional open kitchen with a clay oven to bake fresh Khambhir (Ladakhi bread) thats served with various different scrumptious stuffings and chutneys.

Apricot jam is a speciality here and have some for dessert with the Khambhir, sitting in the box balconies, sipping hot ginger tea …watch the world go by! Mee time is good food time too, isn’t it!

Leh City is full of surprises when it comes to food, especially the cafes and so-called German bakeries in the main market and on Changspa road.Its so hard to chose which one to go to. Just be drawn in by the aroma of cinnamon and freshly baked breads and cakes like music of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Have a cappuccino and carrot cake or apple pie,don’t worry about the calories ! Lots of walking to do climbing up the steps of the Thiksey monastery where butter tea awaits us ….

German Bakeries Thiksey Monastery

Butter Tea …”What on earth is that?” That was our instant reaction when the guide at Thiksey monastery took us to the kitchen to show us how its made and to sample it. Due to extreme cold weather in the Himalayan region, this salty tea is a commonly drunk beverage, prepared using churned Yaks butter and salt.Yak butter and milk are thicker and creamier than cow’s milk and also more pungent, so thats gives it a peculiar taste …we didn’t enjoy it much, but its part of the survival kit for the local people as it helps them keep warm in Winter. Be sure to mix with the locals and enjoy these authentic experiences on our Ladakh tour package from Mumbai.

Last but not the least, Tibetan food is easy to find in most places in Ladakh.The  most popular restaurant is Tibetian kitchen in the main market which serves everything from Chinese, Indian to Tibetan cuisine. The thukpa (Tibetan noodle soup) here was exceptional. We really enjoyed the sabagleb too , essentially a crispy circular pie with momo-stuffing inside.

Summer harvest is one of the best restaurants for Tibetan and Kashmiri meat dishes,especially the Tibetan Shapta and Rogan Josh. Our Ladakh tour packages from Mumbai have all these unique gastronomic experiences to offer!

Keep reading out blogs this month and follow the Foodie trail to more exotic locations…..

2 thoughts on “Foodie Trail in Ladakh

  1. Yes. Leh- Ladakh is a lifetime experience! And memories of the delicious Tibetan food still linger, especially the Thukpa and the stuffed breads. Food is a part of the Ladakhi experience along with the monasteries, the blue skies and a million raw earth colors!


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