Girlie getaways for all seasons!


“I’ll be your girl for all seasons “….the opening lines of the unforgettable song from the movie Grease 2 inspired me to write this blog that take you to all these remarkable places in every season across the globe.

“I like people who get excited about the change of seasons, the sound of the ocean, watching the sunset, the smell of rain and starry nights.” – Brooke Hampton


Spring - Meetime

Japan: Cherry blossom or Sakura season

Cherry Blossom - Meetime

It’s a very cheerful time in Japan in spring when the entire island is carpeted with cherry blossoms and transforms into a sea of pink. Locals and tourists gather in the parks for a” Hanami “or “flower viewing “. Have a picnic in the park like Shinjuku Goyen in Tokyo under a canopy of every imaginable shade of pink. The cherry blossoms adorning the shrines and monuments make a very pretty picture and we take you to Kyoto, Osaka and Nagoya Castle to admire these.

The most impressive pictures are at Lake Ashi with Mount Fuji or the symbol of Japan in the background and at Osaka Castle.


International Tour Packages Summer - Meetime

Greece: Summer fun

The sun kissed islands of Greece are the most blissful escapade for you in summer. Enjoy the langorous beach life of Mykonos in the day and unwind with some Ouzo and table dancing at night in the taverns.The beach parties here in summer have the best DJs from all over the world and go on till dawn. Explore the coloured beaches of Santorini and visit the winery to taste the Asyrtiko wine that has a unique taste as the grapes are grown in the volcanic soil here. Put your feet up and savour the magical sunset at Oia for me time !

The UNESCO World Heritage sights in Athens like the Acropolis and the Pantheon best seen after 5pm as the brilliant light of the late-afternoon hours will only enhance your experience. Special music concerts in summer and the performances in the vibrant Monastirake area make summer time in Greece super fun time.


Croatia: Fall colours at Plitvice

The beauty of the fall colours is of joy forever in many parts of the world.Yet the transformation of the foliage around the 16 blue and green lakes and innumerable cascading waterfalls of Plitvice National Park into many shades orange and brown is a breathtaking sight. October is not a busy tourist season and hence the best time to enjoy the serenity of the National Park…take a leisurely stroll through this fairytale land and enjoy your me time with glorious Mother nature.

A holiday to Croatia along the Adriatic coast is a must, to revel in Dubrovnik, explore Roman ruins in Split and mend broken relationships in Zagreb.


Iceland: Winter wonderland to chase the Northern Lights

The most spectacular natural phenomenons that brightens the earth in winter are the Northern Lights. Multi-coloured streaks of bright green, purple and magenta form a pattern across the sky and viewing that should be on your bucket list. We have a friend who can take you on an escorted trip to the island of Fire and Ice for a week. Experience many winter marvels like ice caves explorations and glacier walks in Iceland.

Soak in the geothermal spa Blue lagoon and drive away the blues.Its a different experience in Winter because although its freezing cold around you and you are nonchalantly floating in warm turquoise water. Steam arising from the waters gives it a wonderful surreal look …yet another perfect setting for an unforgettable holiday !

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