I lost my heart in Barcelona!

Barcelona is definitely the best place to go for New Years Eve and nothing better than a slice of Spain for a great holiday ! You can’t help but immerse yourself in the artful lively vibe especially on Las Ramblas Our hotel was perfectly located right off this lively street.

We were most eager to explore the works of Gaudi that we had heard so much about and the very first place to go the next morning was unmistakably the Sagrada Familia.

The Basílica de la Sagrada Família is a dedication by Gaudi to The Holy Family. Antonio Gaudi knew he would not live to see it complete but his mission and spirit will find its fulfillment in 2026,exactly 100 yrs after his sad demise.

The Sagrada Familia covers 3 facades – the Nativity, the Passion and the Glorification.The Glorification is still very much in the making but I can’t find the right words to describe this magnificent creation enough.Definitely a must do when in Barcelona.


The Passion facade to the left features the events before and after the birth of Christ.Look closely on the left for “the flight to Egypt” and then for “the slaughter of the Innocents”. Such detailed carvings, look out for the already slain innocents at the foot of the soldiers .

We were awestruck by the beauty and the intricacy of all the carvings depicting Mary being escorted by Joseph on the donkey and the Angel to guide them, the Birth of Jesus,the Shepherds and the Three Kings.Gaudi always used nature to convey his thoughts.Can you appreciate the chameleon here, he meant  it to be there to represent ever changing life.

The Passion facade and The kiss of betrayal with the distinctive serpent….this place has such a mesmerizing effect on you …by we were now all charged to explore this city and discover more enchanting works of Gaudi and certainly the best of all is Casa Batllo.

What can one possibly say in words for this awesome creation? The strong influence of nature – Gaudis signature style is most evident here.The best time to go is towards the evening when you get the best of day and night sights.The “light show” in the evening was as you can see from my pictures just jaw dropping!
The devil is in the detail they say – well this one just proves it! A few uncanny designs to be seen here are skull-like balconies, the bone structures for pillars, mushroom shaped chimney…something no other architect ever conjured in his creations. You wonder what went on in this man’s mind as he envisioned and created a rippling ocean feel in the lights and ceiling. The interior of the Casa is a world of absolute delight. In a way there is consistency in his inconsistecy here I guess as from the rooms to the stairways to the roof, everything so well thought of and designed and executed with such undulating (you will note that there are no straight lines here ) passion !
Distinct mosaic patterns …and look at that chimney…who wants boring chimneys? Apparently there was no real plan, just a very rough one and Gaudí stood outside directing his team on a day to day basis like a maestro conductor conducts his orchestra to bring this masterpiece to fruition !
Park Guell 
How does one even conceptualize and construct a whole park seemingly made with just stones? Of all shapes and sizes and some very scientific architecture, beyond my understanding but definitely earned my fascination…..simply brilliant.
All that walking, especially in the crisp winter air got us hungry for some scrumptious paella and Catalan cream dessert thats a soft custard dish with a dark candy crust. So finger-licking good!!! The perfect local food to end a perfect day on our holiday in Barcelona.
Written by Kalpana Xavier

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