Lovely ladies in Lisbon!

Lovely ladies in Lisbon!
So many amazing places in Europe? Which should be my next destination for a girlie getaway was the
idea I was toying with for a long time. A true Goan by birth and at heart, I grew up with so much
Portuguese influence in my childhood. So Lisbon was our choice and it certainly turned out to be a great
place for a women only holiday!
#rossio square pic

Rossio square is the heart of all the hustle and bustle in this city and that's the place to start the day
with a little shot of Ginjinha or Portuguese Cherry liqueur that you just cannot miss! A Ginjinha bar is the
traditional home of the drink that originated as a digestive and is run by a charming fourth generation
Portuguese family.

Speaking of charming men, everywhere we went in Lisbon we were greeted by forever smiling (and
slightly balding) men who really can make ladies feel special. Cafe Nicola is one such cozy cafe at the
square where we could just relax, basking in the morning sun, have a coffee and watch the world go by.
Grab some precious Mee Time when we can !
# photo Nicola

At 1030 am, we had to meet our guide for a Walking tour of the old Town of Alabama. A whole lot of
steps to walk for sure, but the whole place exudes such an eclectic arty atmosphere, it's well worth it !
Brilliant graffiti on the walls depicting fado-singing women and and flavors of the local life…
The typical blue Ajulejo tiles adorning walls of the old buildings created an outdoor gallery of with pretty
patterns. An unfailing charm of yesteryears surrounded us as we walked around. Many of them showed
Jesus and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, and had stories to tell!

Trams rides are certainly not to be to be missed on a tour of Europe. Lisbon has delightful trams dating
from the 1930 as an integral part of the public transport network. Tram route 28 in the historic tram we
took taking to Praca de Figuera from where we hopped on to a modern tram to Belem in pursuit of the
#pic tram
Pesteis de Belem? What are they? The blue iconic Cafe that sells these delectable sweets and savories is
a epic story in itself. One bite and they will make you come back for more!

Top 5 Bali shopping places women would love !

The volcanic island of Bali is a great destination for women only holidays, especially those intrigued by the Balinese architecture and temples. We stayed close to the seashore for the first few days but only when you start moving towards Ubud, which is considered the heart of Bali, you start to get the real feel of the vast cornucopia of arts and crafts that Bali has to offer.


  • Jl.Raya Batubulan is an entire street with fascinating stonework and carvings on either side.Definitely, cant resists this place on our Bali tour packages from Mumbai. It feels like a trip back in time, as if the time stood still as hundreds of intricately carved stone statues stare at you on either side, especially the temple gate guardians! The stone used is paras from the grey volcanic ash and is very light and easy to carve. The Ganeshas, Buddhas and so many other deities are definitely exhibits of a supreme work of craftsmanship by these local artists.

  • UC Silver is a truly mesmerising store that no woman can resist on our Bali tour package!The gates and exterior facade of the building have just beautifully crafted golden dragonflies that flit on the walls, dancing ladies on the top of the roof along with golden roses and other adornments. Such intricate designs that you are drawn towards it, to go in and explore what more this magical ladies special store could have to offer!It has has a huge collection of luxurious handmade jewellery with unique designs inspired by the essence of every living thing.


  • Batik factory: If you want to watch the local women and learn about batik techniques and weaving, this is the place! They were creating such beautiful pieces, truly talented women! The collection in this store is definitely better and of higher quality, than the cheaper touristy stuff you will find at the local markets. Scarves, stoles, sarongs, pants, skirts, shirts and household articles, they have them all in vibrant colors and designs. So hard to make a choice! But certainly an important stop on a women-only trip on our Bali tour package.

  • Wood carving shops in Mas village: Our next stop en route to Ubud on our Bali tour was the wood carving village where the ancient art seems to be practiced in every house. Stop at any of them for a personal tour by a member of the family, showing off their heirloom art with pride, explaining the various types of wood and techniques they use to handcraft some magnificent woodworks. 






  • Ubud market: Last but certainly not the least is the market in the heart of Ubud that has everything a woman desires on her shopping list in Bali! Funky t-shirts, scarves, stoles, and Balinese wall hanging masks are some special things the ladies would love to pick up as souvenirs for friends and family. Wander around here to your heart’s content, find a good bargain and enjoy your me Time!Don’t miss the interesting cafes and gelatos on the main road. I shall be writing about them in my next Blog soon.